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Our Prosthetic Solutions

Zirconia Crown and Bridge

Recent improvements in color and translucency of zirconia make it a material of choice for several dental indications, including for full contour anterior crowns. Taking into account the specificities of each case, our expert staff help you choose the optimal zirconia grade.

We offer the following zirconia brands:

  • BioZir® (several translucency and strength options, uniform or multilayer)
  • IPS Emax®
  • VITA Enamic®

For the finishing, we propose either a simple polishing, stain and glaze or porcelain layering.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) Crown and Bridge

We work with all types of alloys: non-precious (milled cobalt-chrome), half-precious and precious.

Our offering includes:

  • PFM crowns and bridges
  • UCLA abutments
  • Maryland bridges

Digital Temporaries

For temporary prostheses, we propose milled acrylic (PMMA), available in solid and gradient shades.

Implant Abutments

We are able to work with all implant systems and design all manner of custom abutments, whether with original implants or generic systems. Our solutions include:

  • Titanium abutments
  • Zirconia abutments on titanium base
  • Abutments with angulated screw-channel

Implant Planning and Surgical Guides

We combine CBCT scan and digital impression in the coDiagnostiX software to perform prosthetic driven implant planning. Along with the surgical plan, we provide you with a physical drill guide as well as a custom temporary restoration.

Digital Models

From the intraoral scan, we digitally design a model that we print or mill. Digital models can be articulated.

Traditional Models

When required, we can also work with traditional impressions and plaster models.

Additional Services We Offer

  • Diagnostic wax-ups
  • Shells
  • Bitesplints
  • Shade matching at your clinic or at our lab
  • Analysis of complex cases supported by visual CAD/CAM tools
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